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Mystery Smarties


One of the new additions to the store is this Mystery Smarties Mega Roll. This roll of Smarties looks like any other but hides any and all flavor possibilities. Each tablet seems very normal, however yellow does not always mean lemon, purple is not always grape. The Mystery Smarties roll combines Original, Tropical, and X-treme Sour flavors and mixes up the colors as well. You could get a blue tablet that is actually X-Treme Sour [Click for full post…]

Spongebob PEZ


WHO LIVES IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA?! On the 6th the new Spongebob Movie was released. We thought now would be a perfect time to show you our Spongebob PEZ and a couple other candies we have. PEZ, in case you didn’t know is a toy that when the lid is flipped open dispenses a piece of PEZ candy. For Spongebob we have the three main characters. Of course the goofy goober Spongebob and [Click for full post…]

Candy Necklace


   The Candy Necklace is probably one of the most recognizable candies ever. Whether you just ate them or wore them as a fashion statement most people have had or at least know what it is. Surprisingly there is not much history on the creation of the Candy Necklace. It was created by Smarties, the company responsible for, well Smarties. Like Smarties, the candy that comes on it is a bead of solid candy wafer that turns [Click for full post…]

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