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Potter’s Licorice


If you have been searching for Sen-Sen and have discovered that sadly it has been discontinued we’ve got the perfect alternative. Potter’s Licorice are the closest to Sen-Sen that is currently available on the market. Potter’s Licorice mints are small pillow shaped licorice menthol mints. These little mints are regarded as a medicinal lozenge in some countries. They do wonders for a sore throat. We get a lot of people in our store asking about [Click for full post…]

Stocking Stuffers!

Christmas is approaching quickly. The Buzz Crew wants to help our customers fill stockings with wonderful treats! Aside from all of the candy we do have that your loved ones will enjoy we have plenty of toys that come with candy and ideas for special treats   1. Nostalgic Candies While a lot of retro candy has been discontinued there are plenty here that are still available and fun for everyone. Candy Cigarettes bring back [Click for full post…]

Nostalgic Candies, We’ve Got ‘Em!

Yesterday MSN Living published an article featuring 25 nostalgic candies you and your kids love. As we were looking through them we couldn’t help but chuckle because we’ve got them all! In fact some we have more than just the basic candy, we’ve got some twists. 1. Candy Necklace. Well we wouldn’t be a very good candy store if we didn’t have this now would we. But in fact we have 5 different candy necklaces. [Click for full post…]