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Spongebob PEZ


WHO LIVES IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA?! On the 6th the new Spongebob Movie was released. We thought now would be a perfect time to show you our Spongebob PEZ and a couple other candies we have. PEZ, in case you didn’t know is a toy that when the lid is flipped open dispenses a piece of PEZ candy. For Spongebob we have the three main characters. Of course the goofy goober Spongebob and [Click for full post…]

Nostalgic Candies, We’ve Got ‘Em!

Yesterday MSN Living published an article featuring 25 nostalgic candies you and your kids love. As we were looking through them we couldn’t help but chuckle because we’ve got them all! In fact some we have more than just the basic candy, we’ve got some twists. 1. Candy Necklace. Well we wouldn’t be a very good candy store if we didn’t have this now would we. But in fact we have 5 different candy necklaces. [Click for full post…]