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Yesterday MSN Living published an article featuring 25 nostalgic candies you and your kids love. As we were looking through them we couldn’t help but chuckle because we’ve got them all! In fact some we have more than just the basic candy, we’ve got some twists.

1. Candy Necklace. Well we wouldn’t be a very good candy store if we didn’t have this now would we. But in fact we have 5 different candy necklaces. We have the standard necklace, hello kitty necklace, world’s biggest necklace, world’s biggest sour necklace, and of course a bacon candy necklace because there’s always time for bacon! Click Here to order some!

2. Bit-O-Honey. This is a classic candy and we offer it in three different ways. A box, a bar, or in bulk. Found Here

3. Fun Dip. One of two powdered candies we all know and love. We’ve got it Here.

4. Air Heads. The candy that always left you open for that joke “Have another Air Head, air head!” We offer a few different was to buy Air Heads. Bites, bars, and bulk. Find them Here.

5. Peas and Carrots. Made by Jelly Belly. These are green apple and orange sherbert flavored, pea and carrot shaped jelly beans. They are becoming much harder to find but you bet we’ve got them. Get them Here.

6. Root Beer Barrels. Everyone grew up with root beer barrels. Even if you didn’t like them you ended up eating one or two. They are kind of like the Strawberry candies. Grandma always had them and you had no idea where she even got them from. We actually have 4 different kinds of root beer barrels. Find them Here.

7. Nik-L-Nips. Candy juice filled wax, originally intended to be chewed just like gum. We also have the sticks available rather than the bottle shapes. Get them Here.

8. Bottle Caps. Soda in a candy form! If you haven’t had some they are worth a try. Root Beer and Cherry always seem to go first. You can find them on our webstore Here.

9. Sweet and Sour Pops. Made by Charms these suckers are sweet AND sour. Sort of like a sour patch kid in sucker form. Get them Here in bulk for your next kids party or piñata.

10. Bubble Tape. We all know there is only one right way to eat Bubble Tape. You look silly while you funnel the pink bubble tape into your mouth and that powder gets all over your hands and mouth but you always feel accomplished when you’ve filled your mouth with bubble gum. Here at The Buzz we actually have 5 different kinds of Bubble Tape. Check them out Here.

11. Mamba. These were HUGE for middle schoolers back in the early 2000’s along with Now and Laters which we also have! These fruit chews burst with flavor, 4 different ones to be exact. Strawberry, raspberry, lemon, and orange. Get some Here.

12. Runts. This candy has been very interesting. The green runt has changed flavor about three times so you never really know what it is. However the banana runts have become such a big hit that they have become their own candy called Bananarama. If you want the full mix of runts they are Here. And if you just want Bananarama we’ve got it Here.

13. Boston Baked Beans. This candy was originally released in the 1930’s and has been around ever since. We’ve got it available in 4 different ways Here.

14. Chuckles. A sugar coated jelly candy in a tray that was created in 1921. It features 5 flavors: cherry, lemon, licorice, orange, and lime. We have it in the original tray and also in theater boxes Here.

15. Lemon Heads. The original sour candy. Before we had warheads, sour patch kids, and toxic waste, there was lemon heads! Its always funny to give a kid a lemon head and watch their face pucker. We have many different varieties available Here. 

16. Ring Pop. Alright who didn’t propose to their crush in elementary school with a Ring Rop? Ring pops are still a huge hit with children. If you are having a birthday party for your little one, we suggest you get some of these Here.

17. Cry Babys. Did anyone else’s mouth start to hurt just reading that? Along with Warheads and Toxic Waste, Cry Babys were sort of a challenge among both children and adults. This sour bubble gum will get you a sour fix real quick. Get it Here.

18. Necco Wafers. A candy that was introduced in the late 1800’s. This is a powdery sugar lozenge that is still around and in fact now features many more than the original flavors. Find them all Here.

19. Tootsie Pops. We may never know exactly how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center but we all love to try. We have Tootsie Pops available in bulk as well as Tootsie Pop Drops Here.

20. Push Pop. If you remember the Ring Pop and the Baby Bottle Pop, you definitely remember the Push Pop or of course the ultimate Triple Push Pop. Who didn’t feel cool with one of those big guys on the playground? You wanna feel that cool again cause we’ve got four different versions of the Push Pop Here.

21. Candy Buttons. Has anyone ever actually figured out how to eat these without getting the paper on it too? Probably not but that doesn’t change the fact that these are an extremely well recognized candy. You bet we’ve got these little sugar drops. Here. We also have sour buttons Here.

22. Sugar Daddy Pops. This is a caramel sucker that has been around since 1925 and has since grown in size, physically! The original sucker is small, called the junior. Then theres the jumbo and our extremely large 1 pound sucker. Get yourself a Jumbo Sugar Daddy Here.

23. Chupa Chups. This sucker was brought to America in the 80’s and has been a hit with children ever since. We’ve heard quite a few people get excited when they see these suckers in our bins. Get them Here.

24. Big League Chew. Another very popular and recognizable bubble gum. Unlike Bubble Tape this gum is shredded to imitate the tobacco chewed by baseball players in the 70’s and 80’s. Any kid who grew up a baseball fan or around one loves this stuff to this day. We have a many different flavors now of Big League Chew Here.

25. Sixlets. There is something about these little balls of chocolate that make them taste so much better than expected. The candy coating must be the secret. We’ve got a few different ways you can buy sixlets Here.


We love hearing about all the candy from our customers childhood. That is how we grow as a candy business. If you remember a candy ask us and we will try to find it or at least find out what happened to it.

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